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THE biggest lesson from the World Parkinsons Congress in Montreal

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THE biggest lesson - exercise. Even though the increased effort to move would seem to be as good as exercise, apparently we are not a very fit lot, and could work away at exercising for the following two reasons: 1. Neuroplasticity - we can apparently change the wiring in our brains through exercise, and 2. Exercise will make it easier to walk, and to do other things, rather like the Lee Silverman Voice Technique (LSVT) helps with talking.

I still remember seeing a LSVT "before-and-after" person who had completed the LSVT speech therapy on a video while I was at the Infoday in O'Reilly Hall in UCD in 2004, and the way the audience tittered - an audience of mostly pwps - tittered, a sort of nervous sound, as though people could not believe what they were hearing and seeing via video - it was just incredible the difference, and we saw this in person after person on the video, The post course exercises are not sound-friendly (don't do them to impress your neighbour) and so some people drop them, including me if truth be told, but I am going to start them up again, once I get an empty house! Singing is good too - though I need an empty house for that too! Sigh...

So - exercise - I am now walking one quarter of the way around the block, knackered after it too. The PAI has a nice leaflet with a complete yoga exercise session on it - and I am going oto tape the instructions and play them back and see how I get on with it - watch this space.

It has suddenly occurred to me that it is getting serious and if I don't do something soon I will not be able to walk. It has also become apparent that if people do not understand you they stop talking to you and talk to your husband or wife or son or partner or whoever, but you get left sitting there. My speech is fine if I am rested but not if I am tired, and put me under stress and it is the same.


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