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Meds and hospitals

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1Meds and hospitals Empty Meds and hospitals on 14/10/2011, 4:23 am

maggie may


Hi MarieB

I'm glad you had such a positive experience in hospital with your meds. I was in hospital recently and for the first couple of days I was allowed to keep my meds, but then they took them and doled them out, as they couldn't keep track of what I was taking. Unfortunately, like Lucy, they never arrived when they were due, as the ward was very short staffed and the drug round was invariably late, so I had long gaps between Sinemet tabs, resulting in one very shaky lady!
That apart, like you I had a very positive experience too, but its unbelievable to see the amount of pressure the staff are under and the late hours they work.

That's interesting to note about the private room.

Maggie May

2Meds and hospitals Empty meds and hospital on 8/10/2011, 8:32 am


I was expecting the nurses to take my meds away and dole them out as and when. I had told them `i had to have my requip XL at 9.30am otherwise I'd slowly grind to a halt. In the event, they left all my meds in my locker (ihave meds for osteoporosis. osteoarthritis, prophylactic aspirin and cholesterol lowering and fish oils in addition to pd meds).The locker was right next to my bed and they used to check at lunchtime to see which I had taken and again in the evening to ensure all had been taken. I was pleasantly surprised by this as I hadn't expected it. Overall, I was very satisfied with my treatment throughout my stay and that applied to the doctors, nurses and day care staff.

I should mention I was put in a private room because of my pd. My health insurance only covered me for semi private which meant a small ward with 4 beds. When I rang to pay the excess on my policy prior to entry, I mentioned the pd and straight away, I was told I'd be given priority for a private room at no extra cost to myself.Naturally I was delighted because I didn't want people fussing around me trying to help at every opportunity. I wanted to remain as independent as possible. So all in all, my first experience in an irish hospital was more than accommodating to say the least.

3Meds and hospitals Empty Meds and hospitals on 8/10/2011, 7:21 am


I wonder did anyone experience any difficulty getting their meds on time when in hospital. I had to take 1 madopar before breakfast for it to be of any benefit but they would not give it to me the night before which resuted in my breakfast sitting getting stone cold in the morning waiting for it. I realise the nurses cant hand out meds to every Tom Dick or Harry but 1 madopar left on my bedside locker the night before would have made a great difference to me

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