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Vitamin D

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1 Genetics on 1/4/2013, 9:47 am


I have done the 23andme/com test and my results are online and I was able to download a huge amount of information on me, including that I had a lower than average chance of developing Parkinson's!!! (I have it nearly 17 years) I suppose it cannot be inspired all the time. Some of the other info revealed is interesting, and reassuring - eg my possibility of developing Alzheimers is significantly lower than average. I hope this is more correct than my possibility of developing Parkinson's.

However it is designed to react to the statistics every time someone joins, and has heaps of surveys for you to do that will help refine the data for everyone. You can do the find a relative thing and exchange genealogical information if you wish, and it is an interesting site. They have just over 9000 sample.

IT IS FREE FOR PWPS. For others it is about 150-170 euro.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Ems this Wednesday!

Happy Easter to us all, March 31 2013.


2 Genetics on 30/3/2013, 9:06 pm



Don't know if anyone has seen this

genetic analysis at (it's apparently totally free of charge for PwP -

3 Re: Vitamin D on 29/3/2013, 11:30 am


NO Paddy I have never tried it, but I have tried vitamin co q-10 which at the time was supposed to be a great help. even the doc who prescribed it told told me that he had a friend with parkinsons and that if he had discovered this vitimin before he had dbs he might never have needed the op. but as far as i know nothing has been proven. I will check out your link.

Just want to wish everyone a very happy easter hope you all have a nice weekend.

JB and Mike hope you both have a nice easter in Canada and Florida

PS Cant wait to get stuck into the easter eggs.

4 Vitamin D on 29/3/2013, 7:32 am


Has any one seen this

Just wondering if any one has tried this ??


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