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Unsolved Mystery

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1Unsolved Mystery Empty Re: Unsolved Mystery on 21/10/2014, 8:36 am


This link will bring you directly to the TV rogram, without the need to navigate through the TV player menus.
You will still have to endure an advert before it begins. If you are into unsolved mysteries, then you will find it all interesting.  After 13 minutes it becomes even more interesting.
It is the frame on the left. Click on the triangle to play

2Unsolved Mystery Empty Re: Unsolved Mystery on 14/10/2014, 2:08 pm


Watch “Fear an Tanc” again
This program can be viewed again, for a limited time on TG4 Player, that is until 16 November 2014

Go to TG4

There are tabs, choose “Seinnteoir TG4” or “TG4 Player”

Then there is a ‘drop-down’, choose: "Faisnéis" (= "documentaries"). another drop-down you could try is "Is Déaní" (= "recent"), obviously in a month's time "Ag Imeacht" (="ending soon") would be more appropriate

This gives various TV programs. You should find it. The series is called “Cogar”. This broadcast is called “Fear an Tanc”.

When you watch it, you will have to endure ads at the begining and I don't appear or 13 minutes. But, I promise, watch it and you won't regret doing so.

3Unsolved Mystery Empty Unsolved Mystery on 14/10/2014, 2:00 pm


This program was broadcast last night (Sunday 12 October).

For the next month it will be on the station's TV player where it can be viewed, from anywhere, worldwide assuming that you have an internet connection. In a month's time it will be taken down, withdrawn.  So, don't wait, watch it now, before its too late.

It will, then, be re-edited for an Anglophone audience. They expect to sell it to History, Discovery or similar
Watch it now.  

I will provide instructions in the next post.  You will have to endure ads before it starts. I don't feature for 13 minutes
It is all interesting, so do watch it all, An idea might occour to you!

Perhaps we are looking for clues, in the wrong place?  Your thoughts, your theories will be welcome
Is there a family, somewhere, still seeking closure after all these years?

Do read this story, even - if only - to enjoy a good mystery yarn

I will now post instructions to watch it (valid until 16 Nov 14)
My version of the story of "the man in the tank" is here
Another from the "Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company"
Read them at your convenience, no rush, but the video, the TV program will vanish:
So watch it now!

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