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a sense of humour

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1a sense of humour Empty Senior poetry! on 19/6/2014, 6:14 am


This one is brilliant!:

I used to tie a string around my finger

Which functioned as an ever-faithful clue,

So, when I woke and saw it in the morning,

I knew exactly what I had to do.

Older now, when I wake in the morning

And see a string, I’m driven to despair;

Curious why that string is on my finger,

Furious at who might have tied it there.

Don Weill


While leafing through my copy of Roget’s Thesaurus,

I found several expressions that, in fact do nothing for us.

They stand out wherever words like “old” and “aging” are defined.

I would have them all deleted, if the editors don’t mind.

For example, these three phrases will all articulate that I’m

“Old as Methuselah”, “old as the hills” and also “past my prime”,

And, furthermore, here’s “ripe old age” and there’s “long in the tooth”,

I’m sick and tired of the lot and that’s the living truth.

Though editors in general are good people, I suspect,

They don’t know the definition or “politically correct”,

If they did, they’d realise those old expressions should be lifted

For that one phrase that says it all… “Geriatrically–Gifted”.

When we hurt each other

We should write it down in the sand,

So the winds of forgiveness can make it go away for good.

When we help each other

We should chisel it in stone,

Lest we ever forget the love of a friend.

Christian H. Godefroy


2a sense of humour Empty Re: a sense of humour on 19/6/2014, 4:00 am


Hey Lucy.. I love the poem just wondering who it is that's being talked about .lol lol
male or Smile 

3a sense of humour Empty Re: a sense of humour on 17/6/2014, 5:55 am


Here's another poem I think its great Now before we start I must stress that's it's not me we are talking about here because I am only 21 lol But it might be some of the others lol

I love to live

Today dear lord I'm 80
and there's much I have'nt done
So I hope dear lord you'll let me live
until i'm 81
And if I have'nt finished
All I want to do
Will you let me stay another while
Until i'm 82
There's so many places I want to go
So much I want to see
Do you think that you could stretch it
Until i'm 83
The world is changing very fast
So many things in store
Do you think that you might manage
to make it 84
And if by then if I'm still alive
I'd like to stay till I'm 85
There's new adventures every day
so around I'd like to stick
so maybe we will chance it
until I'm 86
I know dear lord it's much to ask
(and it must be nice in heaven)
Do you think you'll wait another while
until I'M 87
I know by then I'll be so slow
and often will be late
But it would be great to be around at the age
of 88
I will have lived so great a life
And had a wonderful time
So I THINK i might be ready
When I am 89
There's just one thing Id live to say
and I will ask you kindly
I wonder would you let me stay
Until the age of 90  Very Happy 

4a sense of humour Empty Cross border cycling on 23/2/2014, 12:32 pm


I hope you had a light on that bike

I have got an appointment to go to Speech therapy next month
just when i need a cure for insomnia
even the sheep stopped jumping over the fence in my head

so heres a joke for you all  

I will apologise in advance as its easier to ask forgivness than permission

A very pretty young speech therapist
was getting nowhere with her patients.

She had tried every technique in the book
without the slightest success. No-one was improving.
Finally, thoroughly exasperated, she said
"If any of you can tell me, without stuttering,
the name of the town where you were born

I will have wild and passionate (hanky panky) with
you until your muscles ache and your eyes water.

So, who wants to go first?"
The Englishman piped up.
"That's no use, Trevor," said the speech therapist. "Who's next?"

The Scotsman raised his hand and blurted out
“That's no better.
There'll be no hanky panky for you, I'm afraid, Hamish.”

“How about you, Patrick ?”
The Irishman took a deep breath and eventually blurted out
" London ."

“Brilliant, Patrick!” said the speech therapist and immediately set about living up to her promise.

After 15 minutes of exceptionally steamy romping , the couple paused for breath and Patrick said

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5a sense of humour Empty a sense of humour on 22/2/2014, 8:21 am


Just thought I would share a wee post from a friend on face book Kieran is 38 and has pd well over 15 years Only a few week ago he climbed mount Errigal in Co Donegal raising over 3000 sterling for pd.Just goes to show pd dosent take our sense of humor

Bike ride tonight Derry--Belfast Harbour--- Hollyhead
Hollyhead heading to south of England to euro tunnel heading to France
Through France to French Alps P MAC and Ems ( name change) wanted to know if it was snowing Checked and decided not to tell them.
Headed back down Alps and through Euro tunnel
Big pile up at tunnel due to unmarked banana skin laying on road (not guilty he he)
Cop chase up through Europe managed to lose them with a bit of off rosding
Then the same journey home
Bike duration 56 mins beat that Lancey boy
Better sleep tonight  Very Happy 

Kieran I walked that very same route last night no bother to me
I even walked on the water between Belfast and Hollyhead
Walk duration 55 and a half mins
And guess what I dident sleep a wink after it  Very Happy 


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