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pill mix up

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1 Re: pill mix up on 28/10/2011, 4:33 am


You were lucky Rusty, it's like something that could easy happen, with me anyway as in the morning I'd be still half asleep not fully thank you will pay more attention..

2 pill mix up on 27/10/2011, 3:22 am


Yesterday, as on most days, I took my first dose of meds at around 7:00. I got to work around 8:00 and I was still "off". In fact, I stayed "off" all morning and I struggled with each and every task that involved any kind of movement more complicated than breathing or blinking my eyes. I was wondering if I had eaten something on the "banned" list for one of my meds, or if the pharmacy had gotten a batch of counterfeit pills. I just knew that something was not right and I was hoping that it was not a permanent step forward in the severity of my symptoms. Finally, at around 11:00 I was ready for my second stalevo (I usually take 4 per day, 4 hours apart). When I opened my traveling pill bottle I imediately knew why I had such a rough morning. I had accidentally taken a cholesterol lowering pill called simvastatin instead of a stalevo four hours earlier, and I had accidentally put three more of these in my traveling pill bottle. Luckily, I had not taken my fourth stalevo the day before so it was possible to see that I had two different pills that looked similar, but not identical. If I did not have a leftover stalevo from the day before I might not havee even noticed the difference as the pills are the same color and almost the same shape and size. The lesson for me is to be more careful with my meds, especially first thing in the morning before the coffee has taken effect. Please be careful with your meds.

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