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Hallowe'en Customs

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1 Re: Hallowe'en Customs on 4/10/2010, 9:40 pm


Ann: Sorry about your Aunt. Death comes to suddenly for some people.

In Canada, decorating for Halloween is becoming as common as decorating for Xmas. Em, as a kid, I remember halloween parties at the country school where you bobbed for apples in a basin of water and eating an apple suspended from a string with no hands. My daughter was digging out costumes on the weekend for her boys. Toomy, 3 and half years old, remembered the routine and was ready to go that nite. J

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Hi Ann and all,

Ann i am sorry about your aunt must have come as a shock, Chicago sounds nice though..

When we were young many many years ago..we used to play games on halloween like hang up the apple hands tied behind and try to bite the apple or a basin of water with sweets or could be anything in it we'd dip in our head to grab whatever we could..sorry getting carried away again.

Take care Ann and everybody out there

3 Hallowe'en Customs on 4/10/2010, 1:47 pm


Different customs in different countries. When we lived in Chicago no kids got to go around the houses on the street trick or treating but they had little parties instead. The pathways up to houses would be lit (also at Christmas) up by waxed brown paper bags with lighted candles or nightlights set into them. Nothing loud or garish, just brown paper bags illuminated by white candles.

Now where this came from - I guess I was thinking of Chicago and times past. We spent five years and seven months there and it seems like a dream now... My aunt and godmother died last week and it seems like too sudden -no saying goodbye, just gone.

Thanks Ems. Just back from the World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, good conference. Not sure there is anything to report only some progress on the genetic end, and some new meds in the pipeline, but not immediately. The yogi who wrote the book "Yoga for Movement Disorders" we sell from our National Office, Renée le Verrier, came to Dublin yesterday from the WPC in Glasgow to launch her DVD of the book - I brought six DVDs to the meeting and every one sold in a few minutes, and she had one that was also offered for sale when it became apparent they would go fast also went. She is some lady. She had a stroke at age 12, then Parkinson's raised its head a few years ago but her determination is absolutely huge, and in the sunlight of a Dublin Sunday morning she almost ran me ragged! Curious, and alive, and celebrating every moment, she has the serenity of someone who had transcended trials and tribulations. One cool lady.

The National Office should have further copies of the DVD (1 800 359 359).

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