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My uninvited Friend

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1 PD go Away on 21/4/2010, 2:48 am


ems wrote:Uninvited Friend just go away, take a permanent holiday...
The doctors are searching for a cure that day will come we know for sure
You come and stay as you please so help the docs put our minds at ease.
The meds do help keep us plodding along, it's still not enough...Pd be gone
We didn't invite you so take a hike; let it be to anywhere you like.

Sometimes my walk does not feel right,or my voice goes soft when i say good night
My mouth gives a tremor my hand a shake...leave us alone for goodness sake
Some days I can’t read what I write, and others it seems to be alright.
Some days I feel sad and blue, mostly because of you...
I know there’s a cure out there somewhere... when that day comes we’ll be ready to cheer.
brilliant ems 10 out of 10

2 The dream on 19/4/2010, 5:32 am


I had a funny dream last night
I dreamt that I was free
Free to dance free to run
Free from my PD
Free to skip and free to sing
Sing a happy song
Free to do my favourite thing
Like shopping all day long
But then I looked around me
And nowhere could I see
Where was my husband?
Where was my children?
Where was my fam-il-ee
Then i heard a voice cry out
You wanted to be free
So all these things you'll have to do
Without your fam-il-ee
No I cried in a louder voice
You wont do this to me
For if I have to make a choice
I'll gladly choose PD

3 creativity on 19/4/2010, 3:44 am


Lucy, you are very creative - I like the P A R K I N S O N S bit. I could envision that as a motivational poster hanging on the wall at a neurologists office, or at a place where a PD support group meets - very nice words, keep up the good work.

EMS - sorry (not really) but I got a good chuckle out of the sheep story. I wonder if any other animals besides humans get PD. Does anybody know?

Does anybody feel that they have discovered a creative streak that was hidden before PD? I sometimes feel that way. I saw a story on TV a few years ago about a guy with PD who became a composer in his middle age. I don't remember the details of the story perfectly, but I think that he had played the piano for several years before PD, and then suddenly he began composing his own music. Some of the doctors had a theory that it had to do with the left brain right brain phenomenon somehow. I was just curious if anybody else has heard any similar stories or has any hunches along those lines. As long as we are stuck with this disease we ought to get at least a little entertainment oout of it from time to time.

Regardless of teh ultimate source, thanks for the poems and stories - always worth the while to read and always inspiring - keep up the good work.

Mike P

4 shaky sheep on 19/4/2010, 3:02 am


The death of a friend who had Parkinson's - he no longer has it now and is hopefully striding, not tottering, through those pearly gates, head high and no stick in his hand and all thoughts of Sinimet forgotten - has prompted some thoughts.

It is the ones left behind that are bereft - his family, friends. We always bring it back to ourselves, and he made time for me and encouraged me and I valued his friendship.

Sad - not laughing at the moment but the laughter will return.He used to say "Go for it" and I think I will take that on board. A shaky sheep but made hopefully stronger.

Ann, we are very sorry about your friend he was obviously a very good man.
Take care.

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5 Re: My uninvited Friend on 19/4/2010, 12:08 am


While out walking this morning with my friend and her dog, we spotted a sheep with 3 legs, my friend said 'poor sheep wonder what happened to her' did she go to sleep last night with 4 legs and wake up saying 'hey my leg is gone' we couldn't help but giggle a bit.., at that we saw another sheep lying down on it's side struggling to get up so while i minded the dog my friend went into the field and turned the sheep over so she was friend told me after 'poor sheep was a bit shaky wonder if she's got Parkinson's' sorry guys but all i could do was laugh..then again who knows,

By the way both sheep are being looked after..

6 parkinsons on 18/4/2010, 6:25 am


p Patience a gift we all need
A Acceptance of our condition
R Reassurance from our loved ones
K Kindness from friends and family
I Ignore the looks and comments of others
N Nearer to finding a cure
S Scientists who are trying all the time
O Obstacles will not stand in their way
N Never give up hope
S Someday they will succeed

7 good poems on 16/4/2010, 12:17 pm


Admin, I take it a blodger is unwelcome, not a Canadian term. Good reading. Rusty, very poetic. Ems and Lucy, I often read your work and enjoy it but don't always comment. Keep up the good work everyone. Are you seeing the volcanic ash? Be strong everyone, john

Thanks John, I do know that in some parts of the country the Volcanic Ash can be seen hopefully it will be be gone soon..
Take care

8 The Blodger on 12/4/2010, 4:12 pm


Unvited guest?
You're all being very polite
He's a blodger.

He is amused by the shakes,
Drums his feet in time,
Laughs out loud when we're stuck;
Guest wouldn't be MY word.

Once his foot's in the door
He makes hay of our dreams
Cuts across any plans
With a shrug and a glance -

He knows we'll stumble on the way;
He knows we'll go off
At the most awkward time
Like in front of a bus - never behind.

We start out so strong
Never going to let this get me.
He knows.
He just has to wait, he thinks.

Out, Out, Outside my door
Until I can no longer fight.



9 another chance to see on 12/4/2010, 12:49 am


another Sunday morning
another chance to see
the spirit of amazement
that still inhabits me

a long walk with a short dog
whose nose sees more than my eyes
a neglected weed choked vacant yard
that hatches butterflies

the songbirds in suburban yards
on their way to who knows where
they cross the globe with maps unseen
on well worn paths made up of air

some trees are in full bloom now
and in eight more weeks or so
they'll loaded down with plump red fruits
for eating on the go

It's not a trek up Everest
just a walk to visit friends
and confirmation of my oldest hunch
these wonders never end

Although I now move at a slower pace
and sometimes only see the adverse
perhaps the slower moving pictures
reveal the universe

10 A Normal Day on 11/4/2010, 5:01 am


Some mornings on waking
I hear myself say
I wish I could have a normal day
I dont want to climb mountains
Or jump out of a plane
But just to be able
To run in the rain
Just to be able to walk to the shop
Without having to worry
That halfway I'll stop
I'd love to be able to do normal things
And do all the chores that everyday brings
I dont want to go diving way out in the sea
I just want to be normal
I want back the old me

11 Parkinsons on 11/4/2010, 12:25 am


Parkinson’s has changed my life in so many ways
The tremors, the clumsiness it won’t go away
We know our true friends in our time of need
Cos some of them don’t want to know but hey that's life indeed

When my husband died I felt I had died too
My one true love had left me feeling bitter and blue
So when one morning my son said ‘mummy don’t be sad’
And then I knew I would have to be strong
For he had lost his Dad

When diagnosed with Pd I didn’t feel so bad
Because nothing can equal the pain of losing your love..a Dad
Life is so precious treasure it like gold
Now I’ve got new friends both young and old
The sad times and happy times we are allowed to share..
With people here that understand and knowing that they care

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12 Re: My uninvited Friend on 10/4/2010, 6:20 am


My Day,

I packed in my shopping at the first checkout
A hole in the bag and my shopping fell out..
a tired looking assistant not impressed with me
my friend to the rescue and a nice cup of tea
my hand starts to shake, tea lands on the floor
boy was I glad to get inside my door..

13 We have a dream on 6/4/2010, 1:42 am


For Ems Admin and Cathy Jer Clem and Mike and anyone else who suffers from PD

We have a dream

We were given this cross to carry
And carry it we must do
I dont know why we were chosen
To carry this cross do you?
Its hard to look on the bright side
Every single day
For deep in the hearts
Of all of us
We are screaming go away
We all have one dream for the future
That somewhere down the road
There will be some hope
There will be someway
To lighten our heavy load
For now we have to accept it
Together me and you
And dont forget hold on to that dream
Because it really will come true

14 Re: My uninvited Friend on 3/4/2010, 7:10 am


Fri 2 Apr - 20:30 by lucy
A poem about my favourite pastime I think we will call it


I want to go out shopping
I really do you see
If people look
If people stare
I'll say I've got PD

I want to go out shopping
And shopping I will go
And heaven help the foolish one
Who dares to tell me no

I want to go out shopping
I wont stay in the house
Why should I run and hide away
Like a timid little mouse

So if you see me shopping
Dont hide and sneak away
Come up to me and say hello
How are you today

Well I've just been out shopping
I've had a brilliant day
Yes people looked
Yes people stared
But guess what its ok

15 Re: My uninvited Friend on 3/4/2010, 1:05 am


Time Today at 12:15

Posts: 13
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Age: 56
Location: kerry

Busy here busy there , We run about no time to spare
Meals are eaten on the run, Day is gone where oh where,
Rush to work to make a dime , I wish the Lord had made more time .
Time to hear our Children sing ,or lsten to a church bell ring ,
Time to watch a running stream ,Climb a tree or sit on a swing .
My story is short and out of rhyme .To be continued
when I get more time ,,

I would like to add a message to anybody reading this
make time for yourself take life easy .
you wont get out of it alive anyway.

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16 Re: My uninvited Friend on 2/4/2010, 9:31 pm


it's a mystery Today at 3:19


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Why do some people feel miserable after winning the lotto?

Why do the people in Haiti still sing and dance in the streets amid piles of rubble that will someday become little more than piles of rubble that are just slightly more organized?

Why did I take so many things for granted before I got this stupid disease?

Why do I feel some satisfaction that I'm probably more patient and compassionate than I would have been without the disease?

Is this just a lesson that I failed somewhere along the way and had to repeat?

Will I learn the lesson better than if I had passed the exam the first time around?

Will my reward be simply surviving out of spite until this thing swallows me whole?

Or will my reward be knowing that I have lived well despite the odds?

It's a mystery to me.

17 Life on 2/4/2010, 9:29 pm


Life is for living and don’t we all know
Not to dwell on the past and just go with the flow
Live every moment and hope for the best
It’s all we can do and let life do the rest

Pd is an extra we didn’t expect
But hey that’s life and don’t you forget
So let’s get dressed up and just get out there
Cos out there is someone who does really care.

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18 Stolen Dreams on 2/4/2010, 9:25 pm


poem by cathy Yesterday at 16:55


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Age: 56
Location: kerry
this poem is written from the heart

Stolen Dreams

Trapped in this body, like a cold work of art .
Like the Deer who yearns for running streams.

Free me from these shakle chains,
Free to run dance and sing
Free to chace unfulfilled dreams,.

My hands and feet don't do no more
what hey us't to do before ,but alas
My pleas are all in vain it's not my body
but my brain.

When my day's work I have done I lay in
bed the next hundred chores
running through my head.

On this earth When I shall be no more
Unanswered questions all bee scanned ,
God will unveil the canvas and explain
the reason
why I lived my life as he had planned ..

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19 My Uninvited Friend on 2/4/2010, 8:54 pm


Wow - this is terrific. Just paying a fleeting visit. Must get skates on (metaphorically!!!) Will rush into print asap. Good Friday, Penitence, Recession, Fish, Hot Cross Buns,Ritual, Transformation, Drink, Thomond, Munster, Victory??

20 Re: My uninvited Friend on 2/4/2010, 4:15 pm


My uninvited friend, you are testing my will:
You hold me back, I'm always walking uphill.
You shackled yourself to my right arm and leg.
And please don't cling to my left side I beg.
When I move, I have you to drag you as well.
Where did we meet again? Please go to hell.
My plans, my work, Everything is hard to do,
You play with my head, you make my mood blue.
Enjoy your ride, You won't burden me for long.
Science will cut the chains. You'll be gone!!

21 terrific poems on 2/4/2010, 12:56 pm


Nice poems Lucy and Ems. We may have lost some co-ordination, but not at the expense of imagination.

My uninvited friend
I wouldn't mind if you packed your bags
and went back to from where you came
All the routines I now have to bend
to compensate for a foot that lags
and a skillful hand that's now partly lame
have left me wondering where this will end
I could surrender my hope your nags
or outlast you and win at your game

22 My Uninvited Friend on 31/3/2010, 7:53 am


Ems, that is lovely. Sincerity and patience shining through. You have really put it up to us now, you and lucy. I am already gnawing at the idea - how do you write, and in what metre? I have forgotten all that stuff. Would it be very bold to write something humorous? Although at the AGM in Limerick there was a nod of approval for a slogan with a reference to "move with the shakers'or something like that. Laughing

Hey Jer,

Thank you and no it would not be bold.. humor always goes down well..


23 Re: My uninvited Friend on 31/3/2010, 6:47 am


Who Knows

Who knows what’s ahead for us certainly not me
It’s all part of life with or without Pd
We just plod along from day to day
With hope for a cure..
Who knows maybe someday?

One minute happy next is low
What triggers it...I’ll never know
Worries, stress contribute in some way
If we could only wave a magic wand and say
Pd Pd go away

24 Re: My uninvited Friend on 31/3/2010, 5:51 am


ems wrote:Congrats Lucy on an excellent poem.
That I can agree with. It is very nicely expressed
and I have been thinking
I don't quite get
ems wrote:'My uninvited friend' is the perfect description
The notion of PD being a 'friend'
I suppose it is a similar idea to "o lucky man"
I understand accepting PD
but 'friend' and 'lucky' - I don't get it
I am probably in a minority
It was a beautiful poem

25 Re: My uninvited Friend on 29/3/2010, 10:26 pm


Congrats Lucy on an excellent 'My uninvited friend' is the perfect description..keep writing Lucy.

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