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hello all

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1 Hi Mike! on 25/1/2010, 2:17 pm


You are welcome! Check out our website also -

You may be our first international visitor - as you say there are no borders here, and aren't we all international. What are services like where you are for pwps?

2 hello all on 25/1/2010, 9:55 am


Hello All,

I am new here, but I know ems from another PD website based more or less in the US - but it's the internet, so there is no passport or visa required. I had the great fortune to meet ems over Christmas holiday and also to see your beautiful country for the first time. I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with PD in 2003. It is a very anoying condition to have, but I guess we all just have to make the best of the hand that we are dealt. I look forward to making some new friends here and maybe even learning some Irish!


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