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ldn low dose naldrexone

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1 ldn- low dose naldrexone on 15/12/2011, 10:20 am


Thanks Patsy my mother is having difficulty getting a script doctors dont seem to want to know about it. We have now heard of a doctor in Kilkenny who may be able to help. Will let you know how we get on... i think it is worth a try anyway

2 Re: ldn low dose naldrexone on 13/12/2011, 1:14 pm



Ha I have heard of LDN, I do not know anybody who is on it.
If you go to:

You will get lots of information on LDN, plus the latest news about it.

Hope this helps you.

Patsy !!!!!!!!!!

3 ldn low dose naldrexone on 29/11/2011, 9:18 am


Has anyone heard of this medication LDN being used to treat PD?Think it is normally used to treat MS. My mum is a PD patient and is trying to get doctor to prescribe this medication but they are not keen on it GP says it not registered here but we know MS patient who is taking it.Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated

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